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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2017
Mixed review. It's inexpensive. It does a nice job of cross-cutting. Seems to bog down on more than one page at a time, especially on more than two, so I hope it lasts. It says it can handle 6 sheets. If you plan on feeding 6 at a time, my suggestion is start doing it the minute you get it; don't wait until the warranty runs out to see if it can handle it. This is just a casual use machine for me and I'm OK with a couple sheets at a time. If you want something for high volume, this isn't it.

My biggest beef with this shredder is the extremely narrow throat. If you have a stiff paper, can see the top of the shredder, and can guide the paper straight into the thin slot, you're good. If you plan to have this under a desk and want to just be able to reach under without looking, forget about it. Buy something else. I keep this one out in the open and don't have too much trouble getting papers in the throat, but a slightly higher-end one that looks almost identical is under my desk and it drives me nuts. The one I used to have was easy to feed; this design is crazy. Whoever designed it obviously had no intention of it ever being placed anywhere you couldn't look the paper into the slot. It's like trying to throw a ball through a hole at one of those carnival games. Good luck!
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