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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2018
TL;DR: I use it. I will buy it again. I recommend it. My 4 stars means 'great product'.

(Please note: I reserve 5 stars for over-the-top outstanding; if everything gets five stars it becomes meaningless. My 4 stars is everyone else's 5 stars - it means the product is good, I'll buy it again, and I recommend it. It's does just what I *expect* it to do; no better, no worse. I do the same with standing ovations at plays and live performances, btw... Usually I'll know within a few minutes it deserves a standing ovation; it's beyond expectations.)

My favorite way to evaluate something: if I knew then what I know now, would I buy it?
This filter: Yes. I would, and will buy it again. I recommend it without reservations.

How I installed the filter:

Open Amazon package.
Pull down attic hatch, unfold ladder steps.
Climb up ladder.
Forgot filter, have daughter throw filter box up ladder. Miss. Repeat; catching box this time.
Crawl over to air conditioner (low ceiling in attic...)
Open filter box.
Lift cover off air conditioner.
Slide old filter out. Ick! Full of dusty and crud. (we got the 410 filter last time; better 413 this time)
Open new filter box, slide filter out of it.
Pull apart to open it. (accordion-like)
Slide bottom piece (slightly) onto air conditioner. Bump nearby chimney so it falls off (filter from air conditioner; the chimney didn't fall off)
Slide bottom piece onto air conditioner again.
Slide top piece onto air conditioner. (being careful not to bump the chimney again)
Push both pieces to slide filter into air conditioner. Slides right in, fits perfectly. (410 did too)
Replace cover over the filter.
Crawl back to ladder. Toss empty box down to daughter. (don't toss old filter unless you want an upset dust-covered daughter!)
Crawl back down ladder, carefully carrying old filter.
Put old filter into trash bag.
Fold ladder steps up, push attic hatch closed.
Put trash bag with old filter in garage. (awesome daughter already put new filter box into recycling bin)
Wash hands.
Congratulate self on doing a wonderful job. Family stands around smiling and applauding; bask in their adulation. (not didn't happen... - but congratulate self and cross off the 'to-do' task)

It took longer to write this - and probably for you to read this - than it took to actually change the filter.

Air conditioner is immediately working better - cycling quicker than before. I can't actually tell, but I'm sure our air is cleaner. (that's not a reflection on the filter; more on me...)

Make a note to change it again in six months or so. Cheap and easy way to keep the air conditioner working better!

I use it. I will buy it again. I recommend it.
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