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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2019
Multiplicity of editions can be frustrating if you want to spend correctly just once. The AmazonClassics edition is a very good edition, almost perfect, it has X-Ray, the original illustrations in a good size, modern typography and a very polished formatting; except one part: there is a beautiful poem/tale, "The Mouse's Tale", in which a mishearing makes Alice to blend tail with tale and the story appears typographically in a quite beautiful shape of a tail, sinuously getting narrower til being as thick as an individual letter. Unfortunately in the AmazonClassics Edition the shape is rather like a sinuous river, it losses its meaning. I checked other kindle edition I have, "Alice in Wonderland: The Complete Collection" edition by Maplewood Books, the illustrations are a bit less clear (at least that was I felt), the formatting, although good, it's not as exemplar as the AmazonClassics Edition but to my tranquility "The Mouse's Tale" is formatted faithful to the original, so I will stick to that complete edition and I won't get the second book, "Through the Looking-Glass," in the AmazonClassics Edition, for fear that it will not express the intentions of the author.

Peculiar book. Although built of meaningful blocks of events, as a group they are surreal; if there exists a meaning, is meant for only an initiated in the reasons of the story. For what I read it could be for the amusement of a little girl friend of Lewis Carroll. I love it very much. Weird and all, inscrutable and unfathomable as it is to me at the same time it is exciting and mind blowing. Alice falls into another world, one that changes like a dream but whereas we as actors of our dreams change along them. Instead Alice lives them quite consciously, as one of those old memories of strange events or creatures you saw, in which you are not that sure if it actually happened or, being that fantastic, it was a reverie feed by being in an unfamiliar place.
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