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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2019
I have replace a Lorex system that battery life was horrible with the XT2. Before the Lorex I had the original Alro that used the camera batteries. Lorex was rechargable batteries but I was changing once a month. Alro was changing between 3-6 months depending on usage but $20 in batteries every change.
So far the sensitivity, range and night vision of the XT2 is as good as the Arlo and better than the Lorex.
I have activity warnings already that I am using more battery than normal warning battery life will be lower than expected. They say 2 years, if I have to change every year it is better than any other system I have tried or owned.
The app is OK, I only wish the app had a couple of options.
1) Dis-arm for a time frame. so when I am mowing the lawn the camera is not going off on every mower pass. I keep forgetting to re-arm the system.
2) Set activity hours per Camera. Example I have a camera at my front door and one on my side door (watching the neighbors) that I want on all the time. The back door in the fenced in part of the yard where the dog goes in and out I only want on at night....

Overall if anyone is looking for a battery outdoor motion activated system XT2 is as good as higher dollar systems in the market. As of now a month or so in I would buy again. We will see how the batteries hold up.
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