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Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2012
Well acted and evocative of the sort of boredom-to-horror transitions Marines endure in the field, this film is interesting but constructed oddly. It mostly consists of a series of events strung together almost like vignettes. They hit all the usual training humiliations on the numbers, but once they are deployed, the sequence of the events is not particularly important for the most part and that element, along with the lead character's fantasizing, which is shown as daydreams that look just like reality but quirkier, make it all seem a little awkward and random. There are amazing visual moments, painful dramatic moments, pragmatic and plebian daily daily moments and great acting all the way through. I just found the lack of cohesion a little off-putting and the ending feels like something that was tacked on a year later: it's so distanced from the rest of the movie that I almost wished I'd shut the film off before that last act. They also don't push the daydreaming far enough--it's almost incidental and not used enough in either advancing the character or creating an escape for him, so it seems unneeded. Funny, but unneeded. Overall, an interesting view but not an earthshaking one.
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