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Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2019
I have installed a few TV wall mounts, so I am somewhere above novice, but not a professional. Overall, this mount met my expectations based on its description and a skim of its other reviews. It is well-made, very solid, and installs easily, as described.

I'm dinging this product one star on "versatility" because the angle can be quite difficult to adjust and may require patience and a second set of hands. The low-profile design makes this harder so I'm not sure how to overcome that, and I was able to do this entire install and adjustment myself, but again, I'm not a novice.

Because the angle is dialed in and tightened down on the two separate brackets, you have to be as certain as you can that you've set them both to the same angle or the TV may not clip onto the mount properly, or may wiggle or not sit straight. Due to the low-profile design, you won't be able to reach behind the TV to loosen and tighten the nuts, so you have to get it right beforehand.

What would greatly improve this is some markings on the brackets to indicate the angle so that you could match them to each other before putting the TV up. Without that, you are stuck eyeballing it.

Still, this is a minor complaint since you'll likely get it adjusted to your liking once and forget about it for years, and I fully expect that this bracket will continue to function perfectly for the rest of my life.
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