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Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2017
If you have played WWE video games in the past 15 years, you have played them as essentially. It is a five-star game, but every year, they add just enough nuance that playing the older titles gets old fast because they are so dated (and not just due to the roster).

I thought WWE 2K14 hit the peak with its intentionally dated roster, and it was the last title to feature Create A Storyline (by far, my favourite feature in a wrestling game ever). I may list that game as my favourite just for those features alone, but I must admit that WWE 2K17 is loads of fun for the subtle yet undervalued addition of rebound moves. Not the springboard moves off the top of the ropes, but the addition of a number of moves where wrestler rebound off the ropes before delivering an (other simple) elbowdrop or legdrop.

Another gameplay feature that was added in recent past titles that I really love is the ability to turn a finisher into a pin attempt. That feature is present and significantly expanded in this title. (I am still looking for a sideslam, ala Kane or Kevin Nash, to have the pin feature added to it.)

These changes may not be enough to justify the overall pricetag (especially with the absence of a showcase mode aside from the HOF DLC), but if you have taken to the habit of buying every other year or picking up these titles after a pricedrop (or both!), then this year's addition has the improvements expected over WWE 2K16 that you have probably come to expect and enjoy.
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