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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2019
This book is incredibly anti male. You hear words like "male privilege" and discussions of husbands relenting their "power" to the wife. There is an entire section called "What husbands can learn from their wives. Yet not one section on what women can learn from their husbands. It implies that men are screwing up marriages across the country. I've never felt so emasculated after reading a book. This book had so much potential but between the "I'M THE BEST RESEARCHER EVER" author and the constant need for men to fix what they are doing wrong, it was tough to stomach. And this is the "Completely Revised and Updated" version. I don't know if they made it harder on the male in the marriage but they sure didn't make it easier. It has a very Social Justice Warrior feel to it with all of the buzzwords like "triggers and privilege. Men are sexual beings, and relationships revolve around love, communication and sex, and this book with 284 pages covers sex in 13 whole pages. Look, I'm not a male blowhard who is puffing out his chest. I'm reading books in order to make my marriage better. That should tell you enough right there. But if you are looking to feel terrible after reading a book that is supposed to help your marriage, then this is the book for you! This book now resides where it should have been after page 16; in the trash can.
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