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Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2021
I honestly don’t know why I keep reading Danielle Steel’s newer books, most of them are just not good. This story was another boring rehash of past stories. Her characters are the usual Danielle Steel stereotypes living in the usual Danielle Steel places. As usual there is a mom who hardly ever sees her kids and she gets the Steel martyr treatment because of that. There is one kid who is a saint and can do no wrong and a “bad” kid who gets put down for most of the novel. The thing i have come to realize is how out of touch Steel is with the lives of average people. There was a line in this book that so proved this to me I laughed out loud. When Isabelle offers to go to Boston to meet her adopted son, Charles’ family, he mentioned that he only gets to NY every 5-10 years and Ms. Steel writes that this surprises Isabelle and she assumes “He obviously led a simple, somewhat unsophisticated life.” WHAT?!? The assertion is just ridiculous. To Ms. Steel the world revolves around NY, San Francisco Los Angeles, Paris, and London and everywhere else is just a collection of podunk towns with boring, simple, peasants. I’ve put this book down and I doubt I will finish it.
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