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Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2017
These are fantastic. Great price, no extra unnecessary bells and whistles. The parent one has a decent battery and range, and I love that it beeps when it's running out of battery or out of range. You can toggle how sensitive or loud you want it to be and there's a cool talk feature that allows you to talk into the parent one so baby can hear you (I have yet to use that but I have no doubt I will as baby gets older, since I know I would have used that with my son when he was smaller.) I don't have a screen to stare at and obsess over, it doesn't connect over our terrible wifi so no worries there, and it lets you know if something is wrong- wrong with its system or wrong with baby. Oh, and as you can probably tell, it's SUPER portable! We take this over to my parents' house all the time and we don't have to reset everything, just plug it in and go. We even brought it to my grandparents' house, where my grandma has the exact same model to monitor my great grandma. The range is great- she can go outside or upstairs and still hear everything, and our two monitors didn't get confused and pick up each others' signals.

I have yet to encounter a single dissatisfying feature of this monitor. I'd buy it again. I'd give it as a baby shower gift. I'd get it in addition to a more sophisticated monitor setup so that I had a backup in case it failed, or in case I needed a portable one. Buy this, I doubt you'll regret it.
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