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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2018
I bought this combination, expecting it to work out of the box. The Keyboard is beautiful and does a fine job of working for what I intend it for. The mouse... No spring back for either left or right mouse buttons. I am a little more than peeved at seeing this obvious factory issue make it all the way to my doorstep. Still mulling over what to do - I may send this back. Poor quality control.

Update: On closer inspection, the mouse had been misaligned at the factory and the top and bottom pieces of the mouse body were not aligned correctly. I watched a video on YouTube for this mouse as to how to disassemble and reassemble the mouse and after a few minutes I had the mouse repaired. I *WILL* be covering this on my YouTube channel since I plan to review this combo set.

One more item: Redragon makes it VERY clear that software is included with this package. It is most certainly NOT. And they go to great lengths to hide the software from the end user. I have found what I believe to be the software links, but plan to test before I share them here. I will bump up the review one notch if the package works out well over the long haul, but given the mouse issue right out of the gate and the promised software NOT being in the box plus the poor web site support to find the program, I cannot reasonably give Redragon a 5 star rating until these items are corrected.

Update: December 2019 - I was able to correct all the issues with that first mouse and the software works just fine. I've since bought this combination of mouse and keyboard 3 more times and had no issues. This truly is a great keyboard/mouse combination and I've made it a standard setup on the 3 gaming systems I've built to date. Software is indeed on their website but it is a little strange to find - The mouse is on the website as "Redragon M601-3 CENTROPHORUS 3200 DPI Gaming Mouse " and has two downloadable executables - The Windows 10 version works just fine. I rarely run the software since it works fine without it but it is nice to be able to change the mouse parameters if needed.
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