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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2019
Do not buy this as a second switch especially if you are using family sharing. You will be forced to purchase second copies of games.

We returned our purchase after an hour of stumbling through the lack of sharing options.

Via polygon:

The lack of any kind of family sharing for games, or even just a robust digital rights system is a huge roadblock. You can use the same digital game on multiple Switch units, but any Switch that isn’t the user’s primary system has to connect to the internet to give you permission to play games, which isn’t always an option for a portable device on the road or in the air.

The only other option is to buy physical copies of your games, which means that if one member of the family leaves the house with the cartridge, no one else can play.

If Nintendo wants to launch an ecosystem of hardware to entice families to buy multiple Switch units — which would be ideal — it needs to figure out better ways for those consoles to communicate and share content.

Other platform holders have figured out ways around this limitation, even though the issue isn’t nearly as pressing on hardware that stays in one place, which makes Nintendo’s inability to deal with the situation even more baffling. The company always has a way of making problems that have been solved on other platforms seem insurmountable, and the trend continues with the lack of any kind of family sharing plan for games on the Switch and Switch Lite.
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