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Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2013
I am not sure what some reviewers complain about with this Super Slim model. I read that it is really noisy and that the access door to the DVD-ROM was a bad design. After some time with this new one, I cannot agree with anyone who has those complaints. It's not a perfect design or even eye appealing, but it works.

I do not have the PS3 sitting flush on my TV Stand and I sit approximately 12 feet from my 60" Plasma where the PS3 is located. Heating issues are avoided with me by how I have the system sitting (please see pictures). I am surrounded by a 5.1 sound system so I never hear the PS3 at all. I muted the sound system and I could hear the DVD spin but not an annoyance at all. It really sounds no different to me than my Slim model PS3 (fan connector came off circuit board trying to find someone to repair it).

I may not hear the sounds that some complain about because I don't have the system directly on my stand. I set up the new one the way I did so that heat could dissipate quickly. The air flow around this new one was crucial to me after my slim model failed. After a few hours of gaming with BF4 multiplayer or Dishonored, I have touched the system and it was warm, but NOT HOT.
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