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Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2017
These sippy cups are amazing for getting your little one to move on from a bottle, while preventing huge spills. What a great way to teach your child how to properly hold and use a cup, as well as position and use their mouth in a more natural method for speech.

They are very good at not spilling when used like a normal cup or tipped over, for a moment; however, if it is left laying on its side for an extended period of time, dropped from a couple of feet or vigorously shaken then you should expect some form of spill and/or leakage that will more than likely require some cleanup. That being said, these definitely make a lot less mess overall than a nipple on a bottle that has been chewed on.

I wish I had known about these when he was around 1, although they're still a great learning tool at a slightly older age too.

UPDATE - 12/08/2017
Tips to help better understand these cups...
1) There are 4 different parts to each cup that need to be cleaned: cup (solid plastic, colored), lid (solid plastic, white), spill seal (soft rubber, colored) and lid seal (soft rubber, clear). You can use something like a toothpick, or similar type of device (corn on the cob holder), to remove the lid's seal from the lid to clean both areas thoroughly. Using a product like the 
OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Green  is a great way to really get into all parts of your Miracle 360 sippy cup.
2) Filling the cup to around 1/8" lower than the lowest inner edge around the cup, at the bottom of the threads, can prevent seepage of the liquid through the top. This is especially important to keep in mind when using ice in the cup, as it will be pressed down by the lid and will cause any excess liquid to come out.

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