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Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2018
Worked well for about a year before developing a leak at the pressure regulator knob. Root cause was a torn diaphragm. Contacted manufacturer who diagnosed the issue and sent service kit (PN 104430 or 104431) free of charge/next day air. Product was out of warranty. Really happy with that. The service kit included a diahpragm, washer, spring, and plastic section with orings. Replacement was relatively straightforward, but instructions provided by manufacturer were a bit vague. The part that i was confused about what removing the top section. I thought that you needed to unbolt it from the inside, but the top just unscrews (i used a crescent wrench on the threaded top section, it did scratch the threaded portion a bit, but i don't use a locking nut on there anyways...)

Other than that, pressure gauge is very small and pointers, which are used to mark compressor on/off pressures, are impossible to get at without removing a snap-fit cover, but you only have to do it once, if you bother.

I dont use the oiler much, but it has worked when i have.

The water drain is very easy to use, you can just push the rubber portion extending from the bowl off to whatever side is convenient. Oiler and water bowls are easy to remove, click securely into place, and seem well sealed (orings). Water bowl catches a surprising amount of water (i have to emtpy once every week or so of intermittent use).

Overall, im happy with the product's performance and really happy with the customer service, but i do worry about its durability, specifically i worry that the new diaphragm night not last any longer than the last. Hopefully it was just a defective diaphragm. Will update if the repair fails.
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