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Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2015
First of all, the French president has been targeted from ¾ of a mile by a sniper, but saved only by an impenetrable glass shield. The worldwide intelligence community is in a panic due to a pending summit of top world leaders in London in a few weeks. A top US intelligence official puts an ad in an army newspaper for Jack Reacher to call him. Really, on a matter of this importance? Of course, Reacher is whisked away to Washington, where he agrees to meet with under-the-cover operatives in Europe to find the sniper. As it turns out, an infamous US sniper John Kott has been out of prison for a year, after Reacher actually put him away sixteen years before. This is a weird coincidence: a man who hates Reacher is a suspect in trying to assassinate a foreign official and now Reacher is supposed to find him?

Eventually Reacher ends up in London with his sidekick Casey Nice, a female State Dept agent, where evidence points to Kott and/or others being protected by one or more notorious criminal gangs. Of course, they seem to know Reacher’s every move, which leads to some precarious escapes through guile and his renowned martial arts skills. Through all of this, Reacher senses that something is not right; perhaps he, if not Kott too, is somehow being played.

Frankly, this Reacher saga is a disappointment. The plot is weak and awkward. Reacher and Nice have no chemistry. And the ending(s) fall flat after much buildup. Of course, there is still the Reacher bravado when all else fails.
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