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Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2017
This device was employed at a medical practice that receives roughly around 2000- 3000 pages of faxes a month (more on this later). As a relatively new practice we tried to go digital as much as possible.

This led us to first trying fax machines that used client software to export faxes from the machine to a file server (in this case Brother pc-fax rx). The problem with this is the client was unstable and would constantly crash, so after enduring that for a few years (made a script to restart the program when it crashed) we decided to move on.

On to the next thing. Online fax companies, the worst decision for an (apparently) high volume fax business. We were pitched an unlimited plan from company V. Great! Sign us up! Unfortunately the salesperson neglected to mention in the fine print "unlimited" means below 500 faxes a month. Refer to the number I gave for faxes above. Overages, all the overages. Frantic searching for an alternative ensues.

Enter Cimfax. Setup was honestly the worst part of the experience. Do yourself a favor and just have their customer service rep remote into your computer to get the IP address set up. Not sure why it isn't set to DHCP as default but it is what it is. I repeat, save yourself the aggravation and just have their rep remote in and configure it. Consider it part of the setup process if you're too arrogant to ask for help. Their rep was very nice and accommodating 10/10. Just do it. (I used Skype chat, remote in was done via TeamViewer)

Once it was successfully connected to the network I was given instructions on how to do Fax to Email and Export Faxes to server (as PDF). I opted for sending faxes to our file server and sending to email if the file server is down (nice feature). I should mention there is a client side app but once the fax server is pointed to your file server the client does not need to be run (moot point if the computer you're running the client on is also your file server). Would have been great if it could integrate directly with online storage options but that does not seem to be an option at this point though I haven't played around with that yet. I currently have it set to export to a Google drive folder on a computer, not elegant but it works. We have also used the remote fax feature which does require the client to be installed. Works great once ports are forwarded. Zero issues.

So as of this initial writing 8/21/17 it has been roughly a week since CimFAX was up and running. No issues (yet). It is quietly chugging away pushing faxes to where they need to be and in PDF format. As a good fax server should. No monthly fees, no overages, no gimmick, no incessantly crashing client. I didn't know a fax machine could cause me to feel relief but, for now, CimFAX has done so.


- Small
- Works (for now)
- PDF conversion
- Remote feature
- No monthly fees
- Excellent customer service

- Initial setup

Will update with any issues after a month.
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