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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2018
I've had this disc for a long time, just listened again this morning and was thinking about how this disc gets frequent plays on my system. I have probably over 2k albums in both LP's and CD, certain albums just seem to be go to albums. This is definitely one of mine. I'm glad I decided to write something as I feel the album should have a higher rating than now showing. The reason, is the reason I keep coming back, the tracks are strong and enjoyable, catchy melodies, rhythms and vocals.
The trakks on Element of Freedom are superbly arranged, with Alicia in center, some backing vocals directly behind, some in further left or right, instruments in their own space. The piano on tracks is melodic and tuneful. Many tracks are accented with tasteful supporting synth. The production is very good. Alicia Keys vocals have strength and passion.
For me Element of Freedom is a sit and listen album, I can put it on and listen all the way through. Element of Freedom is not just some Pop album, it is so much more, it is mostly strong tracks, not just a single or two with filler.
I recommend listening to Element of Freedom on CD, LP or lossless stream to hear and benefit from the many musical elements that come together,to form each track.
If I had to criticize the track with Biance is the weakest track and seems to trivialize an otherwise excellent album. Although the track is not on par, by a long shot, with the rest of the album, the rest of the album is so strong I can still easily give a 5 star.
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4.5 out of 5
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