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Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2018
I dislike this book and the notion that children's behavior is the most important part of parenting. Many aspects were concerning here but none so problematic as to promote training infants to sleep through the night. Really? Let them cry awhile first? This has been discredited for a very long time. Note: By the time an infant cries they have reached the point where they're no longer just 'hungry,' they are now desperate. The child can only communicate through behavior, most of which is being ignored to the point when s/he finally cries, being made to literally scream to get her/his needs met. And really, isn't meeting an infants needs and helping them to grow into healthy adults mentally and physically, isn't that what parenting is about?

Infants don't sleep through the night because they're HUNGRY! They're not supposed to sleep for 8 hour stretches the way adults do. Before birth, a baby is fed constantly since it's connected to the placenta, and at 1 month old their stomach is roughly the size of an egg. They need smaller amounts of food more often because their stomachs have already digested the previous meal. This parent is essentially saying, "I'm in charge now and I'll decide when you eat so that I'm not inconvenienced. You'd eat when I'm ready to feed you."

Forcing infants and children to adjust their natural behaviors so that adults have a comfortable day is just sad. It's not all about you, people! Bringing a child into the world and then forcing them to bend to your will is not parenting, it's control.

Couldn't get past the heartless part and I truly doubt there was anything else written here worth remembering.
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