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Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2019
Ignore that other review. This is a great set of 4 gauge copper jumper cables.

(Don't worry about me cutting it up, I'm using mine for a slightly different application.) With the same tools and some simple math, we can conclude that this is legitimately a 4 gauge cable.

- First off, these are 28 AWG strands, not 29. It makes a difference.
- Second, you need to find the cross-sectional area. This is directly related to the amp capacity of the wire. You can use math, or look it up in a table. I get 0.08 mm^2.
- Third, multiply by the number of strands. I counted about 245. It may not be perfect, but missing one or two doesn't change the result much. This is your total cross-sectional area. I get 19.6 mm^2.
- Fourth, look up the area on a 4 AWG solid conductor. It's 21.1 mm^2.
- Finally, conclude that this cable is close enough to a 4 AWG solid conductor to be considered a 4 AWG cable.

Happy jumping!

P.S. I never thought I'd ever have to review jumper cables in my life, but that other review...
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