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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019
I needed replacement headbands that would last for an hour of playing squash. My old ones were thin and only one inch wide. Aside from the elastic giving out after a lot of use, there wasn't enough cotton to hold the sweat. These looked good on paper, and the price was right. They are two inches wide and quite thick. I've now used them about 10 times each, and they work for me. They're fairly wet after a match, but they don't drip (although I might). I guess that evaporation gets rid of some of the excess moisture. I'd give these headbands a five, but they do slip a bit during a match. In all fairness, I don't see how an elastic band of woven cotton wouldn't slip. At any rate, I just pause, re-locate it, and play on. I hand-rinsed them when they first arrived, since I was concerned the dyes might run. They didn't. I now just throw them in the regular laundry (no bleach, to prolong the life of the elastic).
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