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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2016
I have Amazon Prime, so we get Amazon TV. This series made it worthwhile. Fascinating concept--The japanese and Germans won WWII in an alternate universe. It's 1962 in America. Mig 21s fly overhead, and the Concorde flys Nazi bigwigs from Europe to New York in 2 hours. The subtle point, probably lost on most of the audience, is that Russian Migs and the British Concorde were designed by German scientists. In this universe they would be German. The villains are, on the west coast, Japanese Kempeitai, and on the east coast, the SS. They act like they were portrayed in WWII movies, down to round glasses on the Kempeitai official. The protagonists are people who reluctantly find themselves helping the resistance after terrible things happen to relatives and friends. Jews are still being incinerated in this world.
The details, down to things that few people would know, so far have been virtually perfect. The scenes of the drab and scary life in occupied America are depressing. The clothes and hairstyles have the look of movies of the war era. There's a Veronica Lake hairstyle. Actors were chosen who look like WWII newsreel crowds down to bone structure.The performances match the quality of the program. Characters evolve and change through the story very realistically.
The dialog is sparse and understated. The suspense is constant and sometimes explosive. Each episode ends in a manner to make you want to watch the next one NOW.

If you're young and a victim of Common Core and the public education system, the Nazis and the Kempeitai were real and as evil as portrayed in this. The name of real monsters such as Heydrich are dropped casually describing the things they would have done if they had gotten "The bomb" first and destroyed Washington D.C. Historical events are changed subtly as they would have if the Axis Powers had won WWII.

I can't overstate the overall quality of this show. It's Game of Thrones level without the dragons. But it doesn't need dragons.
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