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Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2015
Personal is another solid effort by Lee Child in keeping the Reacher Series alive and relevant. The author puts the reader right in the mix of the action where the decisions are made according to the terms of the situation dealt to Reacher. The plan is ‘no plan’ and it puts the supporting cast off balance and adds to the story. As Reacher says, “The plan only lasts until the first punch is thrown” placing a premium on quick wit and adapting to the dynamic environment. At times you fully expect that the series star may not make it to the end of the book and you begin to wonder what all of the remaining pages are for. You know Reacher will have the last word; at least you think you do, but you don’t know how it will be served up. That makes it interesting and the reason I turn to Lee Child to provide my entertainment.

The author has a good sense of when to include copious amounts of detail and when to allow the reader to use their own interpretation of how the gaps should be filled in. Other writers are not so adept often putting in details that contradict my imagery and leaving me hanging when I need the details. It is an art that few can master once, let alone for twenty plus thrillers. I thought that having an antagonist in Joey Green that towered over Reacher was an interesting departure for Child and he provided some interesting details about the scale of the giant’s house which I felt was also a departure from what he had done in the past. Every follower of the Jack Reacher series will have their favorite which is the benchmark for all other books by the author and this one while not his best effort is a worthy read. I put it down several times because I was reading three other books at the same time but is a five of five in my list of recommendations.
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