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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2019
Able to apply remaining balance of previous Amazon giftcard to purchase total, not typically allowed for majority of giftcards. Received Redemption Code <2 hr, Entered it into the giftcard option area of Fandango app, NO problem AT ALL with it not accepting the code/displaying incorrect balance. Balance was $25- 2 tickets @ $11.00 each =$23 & the convenience fees were insignificant @ $1.30 each, considering that the $25 balance covered my entire purchase with $ .40 left. I didn't have any issues with a pin or spaces between the redemption code(There were NO spaces-It was mentioned in prior review about spaces in code being problematic). I'm quite sure the ease/success of use would have be equal on website as it was on Mobile app, and the convenience fee is worth having tickets in advance, which means no waits in line, and no sell outs(+ $1.30 is really low). NO reason for bad/negative reviews; if anyone had issues with redeeming they were the one doing something incorrectly & Amazon will always issue a refund if you submitted verified payment option, the payment cleared successfully, and the giftcard code has not been redeemed; So if Amazon refused to refund you, you know why, therefore it is not fair to leave negative/bad reviews for reasons not related to the any problems related to purchase, delivery time, ease of redemption, and use. FINAL NOTE- WHEN PURCHASING A VIRTUAL/DIGITAL (EMAIL DELIVERY) GIFTCARD WHEN YOU GET TO THE AREA WHERE YOU INPUT THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF THE INTENDED RECIPIENT( PERSON YOU'RE SENDING IT TO/ YOURSELF) ALWAYS PUT IN MORE THAN JUST 1 EMAIL ADDRESS; IF YOU'RE GIFTING IT, ALSO SEND IT TO YOURSELF, IF IT'S FOR YOU-SEND IT TO A COUPLE OF YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNTS. The input box allows for multiple email address entries, separate with commas. This is just to ensure that if an issue were to occur with the 1st listed email account, there would NOT be ANY chance of the email not reaching you/having to contact Amazon to have it resent, etc. Just might save you a headache...
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