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Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2019
I enjoyed "Blink" and "Outliers" so much, that I pre-ordered this book.

Gladwell must have put his name on this piece of garbage after one of his undergrad students slid it across his desk without reading it.

"Blink" made me believe that Gladwell is about strict, in-depth, honest research. "Talking to Strangers" proves that his political and social biases outweigh telling the truth.

Gladwell is dishonest and incomplete in his descriptions of incidents that set the stage for the book. The first chapter introduces Sandra Bland as an innocent victim of a bad cop that drove her to commit suicide. The truth is, she refused to comply with simple commands on a traffic stop, had outstanding traffic warrants, and escalated the situation to the ridiculous point it rose to. Should the trooper have handled her differently? Definitely. But to turn her into a folk hero is proof of how far into stupid the left, and Gladwell, have gone. With the amount of hindsight that time, research, and investigations have allowed since Bland killer herself, I thought that Gladwell would have developed a meaningful analysis of the incident, but he's gotten lazy in his research and writing and knew that he'd make money with this trash because of the popularity of his past works.

Gladwell then describes the Ferguson incident as "an eighteen-year-old black man named Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. he had just, allegedly, shoplifted a pack of cigars from a convenience store. The next several years saw one high-profile case after another involving police violence against black people."
ALLEGEDLY SHOPLIFTED A PACK OF CIGARS??? No, Mr. Gladwell, he committed a strong-armed robbery throwing the store owner to the ground when the owner confronted him and asked for HIS cigars back because Brown did not pay for them- it was not some poor little kid that swiped some smokes.... it was a 6'4" thug that threw the store owner (real victim) down and threatened to kill him. Brown then saunters down the middle of a busy roadway and Officer Wilson has to stop him. Brown approaches the police car and starts punching Officer Wilson in the face and attempts to take the officer's weapon from him - these are facts - certainly inconvenient facts for Gladwell's premise for the rest of the book which is "white people bad, all other people good."

Gladwell is supposed to be a genius... but he doesn't understand why Chamberlain and Halifax were duped by Hitler. Because they were the equivalent of today's liberal elite (especially those in academia.) They thought they were smarter than everyone else; but they were lacking in the same areas as Gladwell, and so many other "progressives"- common sense and good judgement.

Due to the fact that these are some of Gladwell's case studies, I can't trust any of his research or opinions.

I wasted time and money on this garbage. The worst thing about this book is that there are many ignorant people that will believe Gladwell's simplistic and incomplete descriptions of incidents and history, people that think they learned something from this drivel that Gladwell put together by pulling together inflammatory headlines of inaccurate news stories and treating them as truth.

I want my money back.
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