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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2018
We've Been LIED To!
1) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (no scientific proof)
2) You have to eat all the time so you don't get too hungry.
WHAT A LIE. I fell for this. Almonds were my go to... But it turns out EVERYTHING you eat (aside from pure butter)
will generate an INSULIN response.
3) Diet Soda / Zero Calorie Drinks are like drinking water... They don't affect you blood sugar.
Well, my glucose meter disagrees. They certainly have affects, and they are NOT positive
4) If you don't eat, your blood sugar will drop dangerously low. (Why aren't all the Survivor Show people dead?)

In a nutshell, we have an INSULIN problem. We are eating SO OFTEN and SO MUCH in refined carbs, that our insulin is always being produced. And like ANYTHING... We begin to tolerate this level of INSULIN, and need a higher level. That's Insulin Resistance or Acclimation...

How do you UNDO Acclimation. STOP USING the substance. Let your tolerance go down.

And guess what FASTING Does... It stops causing High Insulin levels all the time.

I am typing this, only 8 days after starting on 24hr fasting (1 meal a day. A Low-Carb KETO meal... Usually a Nice Ribeye).
And I felt so good on this program, I decided to extend my fast another day. To 48hrs. Today, I felt so good, I went to the gym,
and got a decent workout (my body is starting to make more ketones, I don't believe is has totally acclimated to burning fat)...
But today, as it got close to my meal time... I simply made a DECISION to not have tonights meal.

I am burning my stored body fat.
I am measuring my Blood Pressure multiple times/day, as well as my blood glucose and blood ketone levels.

And guess what... My blood sugar is NOT DROPPING... You remember, if you don't snack between meals, your blood sugar could drop.
Well, if you are in a good place burning fat... It wont.
When your body needs fuel, it goes to your fat. Gets some Triglycerides, unwinds them, AND makes the Glucose you need. WOW.

Now, even more amazing... My blood pressure is normal (127/82) on the last measurement. Lets just say I haven't seen those numbers in a while. But I refuse to take the drugs because my brother and father had pretty severe side effects with them...

Was it hard? ONLY getting over the fear. We fast EVERY NIGHT. Do you panic when you finish dinner?
I have not felt this good in 20-30 years...
My brain fog is clearing, my mental capacity is coming back.
I actually FELT like going swimming and going to the gym. Not to burn calories, BTW... But just because I felt like moving!

FYI, I will continue my current fast for 36 more hours. PART of the reason is that I am curious if I can go basically 4 days without eating and see how I feel, and see what my blood sugar looks like.
BTW, I gave up the diet soda, and cream and splenda in my coffee. It all has an affect of tricking our bodies into thinking FOOD is plentiful, no reason to bur fat here... EVEN on a KETO type diet.

Also, my Ketone levels have NEVER been this good. It was the snacking and diet soda. And when I didn't have one, I would have the other.
If I only knew this 30 years ago.

But I love this... And I find it easy to do. I like less cooking, and fewer decisions. Also, in the future, I know that I can go out and have some pizza... And follow that FEAST with a FAMINE and fast as many days as it takes to recover. Maybe if it takes 20 days of fasting to recover from one pizza... I will finally diced (like with the diet coke), that it is JUST NOT worth it. Or maybe it will be, but only once or twice a year.
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