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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2016
Overall this is a very nice mount, sturdy and user friendly. If it seems to fit your needs I recommend it.

I bought this for my Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K TV. It fits, but only just barely. The mount is as low as it can be on the back of the tv, but the vertical supports stick above the top of the tv ever so slightly, like less than 1/4 inch. If you have the power tools to trim the metal (it's super thick) then you could fix this if you cared. Other than that the mount is entirely hidden behind my small tv. The mount comes with a lot of mounting screws and such, but it still didn't have what I needed. To attach it to the back of my tv required screws that were almost exactly halfway between the lengths of the two screw lengths it comes with. Got them at the hardware store no problem. Even then it still needed a couple of washers on each screw so it didn't screw in too far. The wall mount part is designed to be mounted to studs in your wall. The manufacturer does not condone just mounting it to the sheetrock. The problem is that I needed to mount mine directly centered on a stud, and it doesn't have the mounting holes for that. It does have a lot of mounting holes, so I put 16 of the beefiest sheetrock mounts I could find on it. It feels plenty sturdy for my small tv. If you do a sheetrock only mount for a bigger tv then do so at your own risk. This mount causes your tv to stand away from the wall more than you might like. I have big hands and forearms and I can mostly fit my hand behind the tv when it is mounted to the wall. Check the back of your tv; is the area where the VESA mounts close to the same thickness as the thickest part of the tv? Then I'd recommend a lower profile mount. If the area for the VESA mount on the back of your tv is much thinner than some other part of the tv, then this mount should be fine. It has two knobs, one on each side, for locking the tv in place when you've found a tilt angle you like. These knobs are a bit difficult, but not impossible, to reach when the tv is mounted. I found a tension level in the screws that holds the tv in place but allows me to tilt the tv if I push on it hard enough. Not ideal, but workable.
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