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Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2020
Needless to say, I am a diehard Jesse Stone reader; but this book, by Mike Lupica, is a BIG disappointment. He portrays Jesse as a dysfunctional drunk (before he quit drinking). He also has both Jesse and Molly frequently using the f-word, which I don't recall either of them using in any of the 18 previous books. That particular word must be a favorite of Mr. Lupica's, since he has most of the characters using it as well throughout his narrative. I am 64 pages into the book and I seriously don't think I can finish it. The Jesse Stone character in this book is NOTHING like the Jesse Stone in the previous volumes. The same goes for Molly. He has portrayed her as a love-sick woman vice the competent policewoman that she really is. Obviously, Mr. Lupica hasn't read any of the Robert Parker novels, or the ones written by Mr. Brandman and Mr. Coleman. If he did, he would've had some sort of idea what the characters were all about.
Sadly I cannot recommend this book, and I wish I could get a refund back from Amazon. Purchase at your own peril... it's GARBAGE!
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