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Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2019
I liked this significantly less than the 5*, highly, highly recommended Phoenix Project. I do not work in IT, but I am from the continuous improvement / Lean world in the office, and I'm always looking for other perspectives.

- Good story. I did find Maxine's story engaging and relatable. We've all been in a bureaucratic nightmare, and it's almost always of our own creation.
- The 5 points / maxims are great discussion points with organizations. I don't see them as limited to only developers; anyone who works in an office environment can read and get those, and we all feel the pain when we don't flow.

- The biggest miss was burying the content too deeply in the story. The 5 points / maxims were referred to quite a few times, but not in a complete and structured way. I would have loved to see something at the end of chapters to call them out and reinforce where they were used in that chapter. Further - there were a couple other interesting topics buried in the book - Horizon 1, 2, and 3 - that were discussed but never fully explained other than a description. I was very interested in this and definitely wanted to know more.
- At times it was very deep in the weeds about specific technical issues. For the narrative, it worked, but it seemed to hide the overall concept.
- Erik referring to everyone as Sensei XXX was annoying to me. Minor thing but ugh.
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