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Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2019
Zombieland: Double Tap gets 3 ½ stars despite the star power involved with this sequel. If you enjoyed the first film, you should watch this at some point. While it’s not as strong as the first, it’s still deserves a watch. I’m mixed on the buyer’s remorse, part of me says it was worth it, while the other part says I should have waited to rent it.

What’s it about? The group has been living in the White House for the past ten years. Columbus and Wichita have struck up a romance and Columbus feels it’s a good time to propose to Wichita. Only she gets cold feet and runs away with Little Rock. While the ladies are out and about, Little Rock meets Berkeley and ends up running off with him. Wichita goes back to the White House for weapons and is discovered by the guys, who then agree to help her find Little Rock. Only prob? Columbus has shacked up with an annoying girl named Madison. While searching for Little Rock, the group meets some new folks, some of which stay while others go away rather quickly. Enter a trip to Graceland (sort of) before the group heads to Babylon, a hippiesque commune, and meets up with Little Rock. The large Z battle takes place at Babylon. You will get a happy ending.
The Z action starts out a bit slow and eventually picks up the pace. There’s a little too much focus on relationships. I enjoyed the new Z variety- the Homer’s, the Hawking’s, the Ninja’s, and the T-800’s. Only wish there would have been a little more Z action, but it is what it is and perhaps you’ll feel different. There’s a little bit of flash (monster truck scene), some new rules, a zombie jump, and new characters (two are doppelgangers of Columbus and Tallahassee that add a certain amusement to the film). The humor is overall a hit, only a couple duds. Meh to the Madison character...why, just why? Bill Murray and Al Roker have a scene in the credits and the bonus features were good- makes sure to watch these.

Overall, I’m sure the die hard fans will love it, but if you’re like me- loved the first film but expect a little more from a sequel, you’ll be in the middle.

Rule 2: Whatever the nine-uple word is tap
“They say when something bad happens, you have three choices: Let it define you, destroy you, or strengthen you.”
“Home isn’t a place, it’s the people you’re with.”

As for Bill Murray in Zombieland 3, your two choices are: he’s a zombie who blows up gophers or is toking in a Z drum circle and snacking on Stay Puft.

For those needing a parental guidance/trigger warnings: swearing, death, violence, sex implied but not shown, weapons (guns or like items).
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