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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2021
Finger pointing aside, this is required viewing if only to recognize the threat a pandemic poses to the Modern Mobile Civilization. As Humans become more populous, widespread, and mobile the threat will only increase. Prevention simply may never be possible because somewhere in the 3rd world the handling of livestock and products will always offer virus' the opportunity to jump, so it is the recognition and response that must become a focus going forward.
I instead of looking only at what was done wrong, see also what was done better today as compared to 20 years ago. With that said I do hope that the standard is adopted that as soon as anybody identifies a complete genome on new virus' they are shared Worldwide. Heck even I can see that's a "no-brainer" Maybe in recent History we've seen several Swine and Arian Virus' and will certainly continue to, but it seems like Scientist have for a decade now been warning that an even more deadly threat looms from the Rodent Virus' ... if one of those jumps (most commonly found in South American rodents and Bats) it has the potential to devastate Humanity. The Covid Pandemic was and is terrible, it's not over yet but this is a wake up call and things could have been even worse. I know many people are waiting for things to return to "normal" or pre-pandemic conditions, but things will and never should be the same. We all should accept and embrace a new post pandemic reality and see the World before and after looking to make changes so it might be even better reacted to the next time.
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