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Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2019
 When you are gaming and want to play a horror game, or stand a chance against enemies in a shooter, sound is important. Im a gamer, a youtuber, and a guy that likes listening to metal and other heavy music occasionally. What I needed was something that was comfortable and could deliver on the sound. These do exactly that.

1. Comfort - The padding and sizing of these is great and I have no complaints. I wear these at work to have music play and at home for games. Very nice for hours of use.
2. Sound - Clear, deep, rich, and also good highs and mids. Nothing is overpowering or feels out of place. Very good sound for both music and games.
3. Build quality - Plastic build but feels like it will last. The padding is soft and comfortable and the cable is very strong. Its one of those braided cables.
4. Mic position - The mic is never in a position where it feels in the way. I really enjoyed that about these. Some headsets leave it right in the edge of your field of view, but these are placed pretty well.

1. Mic quality - its a headset microphone, thats about how it sounds.
2. Cable length - Its only about 5 feet long, so you really need to be close to your source of audio. Not much of a con but I wanted to mention it anyways.

Final Thoughts:
Would I suggest this? Yes, it sounds great, feels good, and is a nice headset overall for gamers, youtubers and music listeners.
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