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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2017
Fun stuff. If you admire mad scientists, this is well worth checking out. This is a lot of footage of mostly pre war 20th century inventions that either didn't work or didn't catch on. Much of this footage I've either seen before or have seen similar footage of similar inventions, but this was a fun way to watch these crazy things. One thing I'd never seen before which boggled my mind because it more or less worked was a sail powered plane (sort of an ice boat that could fly) This technology should be looked at again, as it'd be awesome to silently fly with no pollution using only nature to power you. Another highlight was a submersible flatbed military truck where the engine and I presume driver had a snorkel. This would be a fun video to have on muted at a party. Lots of failed flight attempts, some rocket powered cars, crazy bi-plane stunts, some bizarre submarines. A few fads were covered too which I felt should have been omitted, which include marathon dances, and seeing how many people can fit in a car or phone booth. Overall it's fascinating footage, it could've been edited better perhaps. Most of it has original narration if any, but most is silent. It's hard to say if it'd be more enjoyable if it had a modern documentary narration of the theory behind the wacky inventions, and why most failed. That'd also be a fun watch, but this news reel spam was plenty of entertainment.
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