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Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2021
Sure some of the soldiers stories are great but that is all diminished in my view by the ridiculous stories such as the first “chapter” of Part Two: In Training by Lisa Marie Bodenburg. I appreciate that she served her Country but beyond that I cant say much else positive. Her whole story is about how only the dumb and incompetent join the military and everyone around her constantly had to tell her she was too smart, too good for the military and was throwing her life away. From meeting with recruiters, going through Boot Camp and all that follows all she can talk about is how males were looking down on her and was constantly told she wont make it, should just quit, doesnt belong there, failed the course and even the go to being glared at like “Wait a minute, you can’t be here. This is a good ole boys club. Absolutely not. She ain’t ever gonna fly on my aircraft. She ain’t ever gonna work on my aircraft. She’s just a walking mattress. She’s not good for anything.” Mind you she said they glared at her like that, they didnt actually say that to her.
Every single school attended she is the Honor Graduate- Boot Camp, Marine Combat Training, Sere School, Naval Aircrew Candidate School, Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training, Crew Member Training.. seriously that had got to be the one and only time in history that this has ever happened, regardless of the sex of the Marine.
Sadly the tale only gets worse with the ridiculous men are evil and im a super woman as it goes on. How this made it past any sensible publisher should be suprising.
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