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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2021
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This is marked as volume 5.5, but I read it in chronological order, so shortly after I finished The Death Cure. I wanted to make sure the relevant book was still fairly fresh in my mind.
First thing, I don't recall them saying specifically that they flew in from Alaska. I'm not sure if that's my memory or if it actually wasn't mentioned until now.
On to the story. It's divided up into two parts. Part one is what happens when Newt leaves the Berg. Part two starts at the point where Thomas and the others come looking for him. Despite being divided up this way, it's still one cohesive story. There is just a few days long gap between parts one and two.
I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't read the description, so I definitely was not expecting Newt to go on a noble adventure.
It was interesting to see what Newt was thinking and experiencing. It makes me wonder if what he said was what he really wanted.
The ending raises a few questions. I don't recall the answers to any of them being in The Death Cure, so I kind of wonder if there might be a post series story or something later, or if those particular details just aren't going to be covered. I have not yet read The Kill Order or The Fever Code, but as far as I know, those are prequels, so I doubt they have the answers to the questions raised by this book.
Overall, I enjoyed this short story. I think I like Newt a little more than I did before.
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