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Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2018
My daughter loved the bubbles, of course. She also really liked the way the train moved around in different directions and had fun "chasing" it around the kitchen. It has lots of lights and a fun tune, so it holds a child's attention for more than a few seconds (at least in my experience). She always asks to play with the bubble train.

The price is very comparable to similar toys on Amazon and I can vouch for the quality of this toy after trying it out.
The CifToys Bubble Blowing Toy Train came with free shipping with my Amazon Prime membership and arrived very quickly, as expected. The train is incredibly gentle when it "bumps" into items. I was really shocked at how delicately it operates then backs away to steer into another direction. It will not damage even the most fragile items because it is super light and does not crash into things, but merely slides very lightly into something then changes course quickly and gently.
The train is very detailed in its design and construction. It comes with a funnel to make pouring the bubbles into it easier and it fits perfectly! I only wish there were a little compartment on the train itself (or even a hook to hang it on) to put the funnel so it doesn't get lost. It comes with the train, bubbles, and the funnel. It does require batteries that are not supplied as part of the purchase.
There is an ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the train. It is a bit tricky for my three year old to operate, but it's not too bad...
I LOVE the catchy party tune music that the train has! It really makes me want to get up and dance, and the song sticks in my mind for awhile. That's not a bad thing - it's really cute and fun. It really does literally make me think: PARTY! Many reviewers on Amazon commented that the volume was a bit too loud. It is not blaring, but it would be nice to have some kind of volume control, although I don't personally think it's too loud. Any louder, though, and it would be!
It can be hard to determine how much of the bubble solution to pour into the train because there is no gauge to show how full the compartment is and it isn't see-through so it can be easy to overfill. It would be much better if there were some kind of indicator or fill line of some sort on the train rather than blindly pouring bubbles into the train. If you pour too little, the bubbles won't flow out. If you pour too much, it will obviously overflow and spill out. Also, the bubbles seem to get clogged every now and then, but I'm not sure why or how that could be easily improved.
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