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Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2013
I bought Resitance 2: Fall Of Man and i absolutely loved it...after i beat that game...i was in shock that the game did not finish and as i read more into it...found the continuation in Resistance 2 so i had to grab it fast.

(Please do not be confused,Resistance 2(Part 2) and Resistance 2 :Fall of Man(Part 1) and not same game but a part 1 and 2)

At The End of Resitance 2:Fall of man...Hale gets taken into custody and credits roll(don't want to spoil anything to much so that is all i will say regarding storyline)

So liking the game so much i bought Resistance 2(the continuing story) next day after beating the 1st part-I beat Second Game in about 2 days(I dont play everyday but this game i had to).

This 2 part game captures the imagination so much you get swept away kicking Alien Asses.Graphics are Fantastic.

Ok,her it is in small detail..

Graphics are Fantastic
Details are amazing in every way (Buildings,Weapons,Foreground etc...)
Controls are Amazingly easy to master. and so much more.
The price is Fantastic

Now for the Cons:
Only 1....Game was to short in the part 2..I beat it in 2 days.wish a part 3(to the same story) were out.

There is a resistance 3 but it is NOT Hale and it isnt as good i dont think.(Completely different story.)

so if you want a shooter that has great detail,fantastic storyline and complete fun.Grab Resistance 2....(for the complete enjoyment,ya haveta grab Resistance 2 Fall of Man as well.for it is a part 1 and 2 storyline game.

I Guarantee you wont regret the purchase.
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