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Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2019
Sorry, I don't really have a solid suggestion with color calibration. You would probably have to wait for the results from pro monitor reviewers such as rtings(.)com and others
- No dead pixels on arrival (this varies from customer to customer)
-Freesync works when Overdrive is on normal, not on exteme
- they have an analog stick that adjust your monitor settings
-IPS at 144hz 1080p at 24in is delightful (why this monitor is getting most of the points)
-VESA compatible
-Better than TN and VA panels (colors don't look as vibrant compared to IPS)
-HDMI 2.0 is okayish
-colors out the box is acceptable
-The monitor build is cheap and a bit flimsy, but this is where acer cut corners so it is more a budget friendly build at 144hz
- Overdrive at Extreme does NOT work when Freesync is enabled (my experience, maybe different for you)
- its a 6 bit + FRC panel with only 250 cd/m2 brightness (but I don't notice significant color depletion)
- Gamer aesthetic is a tad much, personal preference though.
-Does not come with DisplayPort cable
-IPS bleeding (but that is just predisposition of IPS panels, not really a con if you know what IPS issues are)
-When VRB is enabled at normal or at extreme the brightness substantially decreases.

The real rating is a 3.5 if I had the option

Even with multiple shortcomings (more cons than pros) I feel that acer did a decent job with this budget friendly monitor because the main selling point of this monitor (IPS 24in 144hz) does its job well enough to overlook the issues this monitor has , if color accuracy is what you want at 24in 144hz IPS monitor, then you have to wait.
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