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Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2017
I was about out of the original treats I was using for clicker training, and went in search a couple other brands/flavors to mix things up. Bought a small bag of duck and rabbit, and they were both hits with our 7 year old AmStaff and 5 month old AmBully, with a preference for duck it seems. In fact, our older one loves them so much that when we started more complex training with teaching her the names of objects to grab, hold, and carry on command, she started to grab anything I put in front of her before I'd even said anything! Now that makes it easy to teach her names of things, that's for sure!

For those that are interested, I went and figured out how many of these were in the bag since I like to know that information. Kept track of all the treats I used until the bag was almost empty, and counted what was left. Between the two, there's an average of 260 treats/ 170g bag at an average weight of about .62g/treat (They're place on dimes in the picture). The bag itself weighed about 10g. So, for a 1lb bag, that would average to about 700treats/bag after taking into account that the bag itself would be bigger.
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