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Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2015
I was skeptical about using this with my Makita corded power drill, which gets up to >1500 rpm. I took the plunge after the reviews and one or two videos. The dual action head has a gearing mechanism inside it that (i) slows the rotation of the pad and (ii) adds a circular "wobble" to the head - hence the "dual action". So the pad itself doesn't spin at the drill's rpm and therefore you don't get your liquid compound splattering out at all. Great!
I have used the black pad (which is actually the polish pad) with Meguiars Ultimate liquid compound on my scratched car windows and windscreens. Using multiple passes, the glass surfaces have been restored to a mirror finish, Deeper scratches are still there, but there is a noticeable vast improvement. It is very easy to use, although it can be a bit tiring if you have a heavier power drill like I do. I put some Rain-X on the glasses and the water is sliding off fairly good.. Based on that test - some glasses can do with another treatment of compound to get them even smoother - but it's acceptable for me right now. Will see how it fares when rain falls.
I also used the DA orbiter and compound on the rear quarter panel that had some scratches from me trying to buff off some deeper scratches with 2000 grade sand paper - it did a good job on that too.
I polished the bonnet using another black pad and Mothers liquid polish.That also restored some shine, but I think I need to do the full process (compound, polish then wax) to get the desired results. The paint job is over 2 years old and wasn't the greatest finish either.

All in all - I'd say the DA orbiter works fantastic for what it cost, and really does the job pretty quick. You still need some elbow grease to buff off after you've applied the treatment though! There's no getting away from that, but at least the DA eliminates you having to do physical hard rubbing and is alot cheaper than even entry level car buffers.
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