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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2018
I am pleased that these towels match the description.

The towels are soft and lightweight.

The texture of the textile is like a lightweight version ofvery thin supple suede - not terry towel loops like a home towel.

Because the towels are thin, they take up a tiny amount of space.

They did not tear when pulled.

They are not see-through.

They can be used for a variety of tasks.

I purchased mine for camping. They are lightweight and easily fit into backpack or be tied onto a backpack or purse.

I purchased mine on a discounted “lightening deal” and wish I had purchased a second set of 3. I see the price is higher and am unsure if I would pay more than the lightening deal. Do research to find the best price.

Pictures are included so potential buyers can see the flatness of the fabric.

One photo shows how I wet the back of my hand and dried my hand with the fabric. The water was almost instantaneously absorbed. When I stopped rubbing and laid the fabric on the wet spot, the water was instantly absorbed. No rubbing was needed. From the photo and in person the part of the towel that absorbed the water did not look wet but felt damp. The moist spot is drying quickly.

Typically, I prefer cotton fabrics but in cold weather, man-made fibers dry faster.

I did not put these towels in the washer and dryer. Instead I put them in a lightweight carry bag in the photo which was also purchased on Amazon. The squeeze bottles were also purchased on Amazon and are useful for biodegradable natural hair and skincare products. I use Dr. Bronner’s unscented liquid baby soap which is also purchased on Amazon or my local HEB grocery store. Your favorite shampoo and body care would fit into the same inexpensive carry bag. I put the bamboo bath mat into the same lightweight carry bag so I can shower at the campground or in nature (yeah Amazon sells camping showers too.)

I am trying to reduce my “pack in - pack out” trash and reduce the weight of items I carry to camp. Both ankles in one foot are fractured, so my goal is lightweight camping as a lifestyle. No more paper towels are needed because one towel in the set is hand towel sized. I am pleased that I purchased the 3 towel set. If I had young children I would order one set for each child and personalize them you color or embroidering names on them.

There is no elastic hanging loop on the smaller towels to hang to dry.

Because this fabric does not unravel, I can clip a slit for a hole into the smaller towels and tie a string or elastic band through the hole. My local dollar store sells elastic hair bands and I have regular elastic in my sewing supplies. At the lightening deal price, I’m not worried about elastic or how I will hang the smaller towels to dry. Your situation may be different so do what is best for your situation. I am limited to walking with a crutch and am trying to find creative solutions at many levels for many circumstances. The models in the ad seem quite fit but fit people may want lightweight towels too. If this towel set is easy to use and is lightweight, I am pleased.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you found the review beneficial.
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