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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2018
The Dungeon Fantasy Club is an erotic series set around a club in Scotland. It was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I really liked some of the stories, truly disliked one of them, and was meh on the others. 3.5 stars is the average but I just rounded down to 3.

Her Highland Master: 3.5 stars

Zoey's life has fallen apart in LA, so she's headed off to a once in a lifetime trip to Scotland to figure things out. After her rental car skids out of control in the snowstorm, she's able to find refuge in a huge manor belonging to hot Scot Dom, Declan. Declan has sealed off his heart ever since his fiancée, Jenna, cheated on him, then took off and was killed in a car accident. But upon meeting Zoey, suddenly his heart (and other organs ahem) start taking notice and soon the two are involved in a hot little arrangement where he initiates her into his lifestyle with no strings attached, just pleasure while she's in Scotland.

I liked Her Highland Master, which isn't so surprising considering how much I liked Zoey and Declan throughout this series. It's hot and fun, and a great introduction to The Dungeon Fantasy Club series.

To Master and Defend: 2 stars

When Ophelia (Zoey's sister) has a one night stand with a Dom she meets at a local club, she has no idea that one night will give her (and him) a permanent reminder. Now if she could only convince Zoey to come back to the US and help her, everything would be fine. So to that end, she hops a plane to Scotland to beg Zoey to come back. Unfortunately for her, Zoey's in love (and engaged to) with Declan so she's not going anywhere. Fortunately, Lia's hot dom just happens to be consulting with Declan regarding the club's security, so now Lia can tell him he's going to be a father. Good, right? Or maybe not...

I'm sorry to say, but this one just did not do it for me. I absolutely could not stand Lia. Quite frankly, she was a brat - judgemental, rude and obnoxious. Even when she explained why she was that way, I didn't connect with her or like her. If Tobias hadn't have been amazing, I would have 1 starred To Master and Defend, for sure, because Lia is that unlikable. I didn't believe in their connection either, it was all over the place and not developed well. A shame because Tobias was awesome, he deserved an awesome heroine and an awesome story, and he didn't get it.

Two Doms for Kara: 3 stars

Kara, Chase and Zeke are business partners and friends in their business, Bridal Dreams, where Kara's the planner, Chase is the architect/designer, and Zeke is the chef/caterer. But, Chase and Zeke want more, unbeknownst to Kara. When they finally let her know, in the most abrupt way possible, she's understandably shocked and more than a little upset. So she decides to take some (very little) time to process as the three of them are at a new client's home helping her plan her upcoming wedding.

I have to say that while I loved the premise of three business partners becoming more, becoming a full fledged triad, the execution was subpar. For my tastes, a ménage is only successful if the physical is perfectly balanced with the emotional, and here in Two Doms for Kara, the emotional is more than a little lacking. The timeline is really rushed and things are swept under the rug just for the sake of the story. First Kara's screaming at Chase and Zeke after they spring their desire for her to become their sub, a second later (not literally) she's all for it and is submitting to them, at least physically. Then a minute later Chase is revealing his secret and Zeke is storming off like a big, petulant child. A paragraph later, Zeke is taking them back and they're declaring their love for each other. Um no, just no. There is little to no relationship and character development here and it's why this ménage, this entire story, just did not work for me. The emotional aspect just isn't there, not in a fully realized, well-drawn way, and as hot as the physical is, it can't make up for the lack of emotional substance in Two Doms for Kara. And, on a little side note, if the author had used the word "member" one more time in the steamy scenes, I think I would have gagged. There are other, BETTER words one can use to describe a man's most precious body part. I'd suggest a thesaurus, or you know, just use the words that start with a c and a d. Those words work, are universally known, and appreciated.

So, lots of hot scenes (aside from the overuse of certain cheesy words), little to no emotional substance and development, but I can say that I really liked Chase, he saved this from a 2 star rating.

His Driven Domme: 3 stars

Lucy is Zoey's best friend and she's come to Scotland to haul her best friend back to the States with her. Only, when she arrives and sees Zoey and Declan together, she realizes Zoey's not going anywhere with her - Zoey's completely and totally in love with a kind, super hot Dom who's just as in love with Zoey. So, she decides to content herself with having some fun with Zoey while she's visiting. That's when she runs into Jesse, a fellow Dom who's visiting while he's trying to get his life together after a career altering crash on the F1 circuit that has been his life for years.

Lucy wouldn't normally involve herself with a Dom, considering she's a Domme, but when Jesse challenges her to be with him while she's in town, and he submits to her and agrees to continue to submit to her while she's around, she can't help herself.

I have to say that I found their sex scenes to be smokin' hot (hello pegging!), even though I don't normally like stories about male subs unless they're in MM fiction. Unfortunately, Jesse and Lucy's emotional connection didn't even come close to being as strong as their physical connection, hence the 3 stars I'm giving this. His Driven Domme is entirely too short to allow for a fully drawn relationship and/or significant character development. I felt a little cheated by this. I also didn't connect with Lucy at all until the end when she revealed to Jesse why she had such a hard time submitting and not being in control during sex. But, by then, it was too late, everything was brushed under the carpet and the ending was really rushed. Had this been longer, giving Jesse and Lucy time to develop their relationship in a natural, organic way, I think I would have enjoyed their story a lot more. As it's written, though, I just couldn't get into it, or more accurately, I was getting into it and then it ended immediately as I was getting into it.

Her Country Master: 3 stars

Elise has been tapped to design Zoey's wedding dress, so she's in Scotland for the first round of fittings, when she meets a hot rancher Dom named Tyler. He's to be the dom to educate her on the lifestyle. Zoey's fiancé, Declan, declares she must have some instruction first before she's allowed a full access pass to the Dungeon Fantasy Club located on his estate.

Elise and Tyler's journey to love was a bit rushed, but it was sweet and more than a little emotional. Elise is a complicated woman and Tyler was just the country boy to deal with her complicated personality. Like the others I've read in this series, it wasn't the most well-developed story, but I did enjoy this one more than the others. I really liked both Elise and Tyler, and their chemistry is electric. I just wish their relationship had been allowed to develop a bit more. Other than that, though, I found Her Country Master to be sweet and sexy, if a bit too insta love for my tastes.

Love Me, Master Me: 4 stars
When Delilah is asked by her old friend, Declan, to perform at his wedding, it's just the thing for her to get away from her life, which has spiraled out of control since she found her ex cheating on her and she broke it off with him. It's good for her to be back in Scotland, where she can enjoy some quality time in the DFC, maybe find a Dom to enjoy a hot scene with, but no one she will ever allow to control her life again like she did Ethan, her sleazy ex.

Bastian Dean, world famous rock star, is also to perform at Declan and Zoey's wedding, and he's taken by Delilah's gorgeous voice and voluptuous body, but opens up his mouth and offends her right off the bat. Oops. Thank God when she mouths off later, they're at the DFC, and Bastian, as a Dom, takes it upon himself to address her disrespect to him. From there it was a short trip to falling quickly for each other. If only Delilah had let herself submit completely for Bastian earlier, then she wouldn't have put herself and him through so much pain toward the end.

I mostly liked Love Me, Master Me. It's the first one in this series that I've liked, and it's because of Delilah and Bastian. They're both interesting, likable characters individually, and together they're electric. Their chemistry is smokin' hot and I liked seeing Dom Bastian be tender and caring even as he dominated and disciplined Delilah. I felt Delilah's insecurities overwhelmed her and the story a tad, but it wasn't too over the top. And I especially appreciated how Delilah's douchey ex got what was coming to him in the end. I do have another little thing I disliked, and it's something I've had a problem with in the past installments of the DFC series, it's that some of the wording in the steamy scenes is cheesy. The word member, for instance, I mean come on, really?! There are better, sexier and more words that can be used for masculine parts besides just member. The word should be either limited in its use, or just not used at all. As it's written, though, it seemed to be the main word used, and it got old after awhile. If the wording in the sex scenes were changed to a more contemporary tone, it would help with the flow A LOT. Aside from these two little things, though, I liked Love Me, Master Me. It's hot, the characters are likable, and the story line is interesting and engaging.

Submit to Me: 4 stars

When Hunter shows up at the manor for Declan and Zoey's wedding, he will be in the surprise of his life, for his first and only love is there and, as he is surprised to find out, she's Declan's cousin!

Zoey and Hunter had a summer fling 10 years previous, but Hunter departed Scotland to go chase his Hollywood dreams, and Veronica was left with not only a shattered heart, but a permanent part of Hunter in the form of his baby, a baby she has never told Hunter about. When she sees Hunter for the first time since he left, she knows she has to continue to keep her secret, AND not give into the attraction that is hotter than ever. If only Hunter weren't even sexier and more built than before, and if only her body would get with the program and not yearn for Hunter's domination.

I liked seeing Veronica and Hunter get their second chance. The chemistry between them is probably the sexiest of this series, and their scenes are smokin' hot. I do wish their breakup had been detailed a bit more, though, because I still feel a bit in the dark about it. But generally speaking, Submit to Me is a sexy, engaging read.

Her Wired Dom: 4 stars

Kat (Katarina) Roberts is a famous ballerina who's headed to Scotland for her childhood friend, Declan's wedding. She meets a huge hunk of a man, Will Evans, at the airport when she and the chauffeur are waiting for him so they can all head to the manor for the wedding. They're immediately attracted and share an erotic kiss on the car ride to the manor. Kat's not looking for anything lasting while she's there for the wedding, but she does want to find a Dom who can give her what she craves - a punishment scene that will give her the release she needs to relax. Seems like the giant of a Dom, Will, would be able to give her what she needs, right? Alas, he's not a practicing Dom any longer, thanks to a serious incident in his past. Will their needs ever align or are they fated to never make a go of it?

I really liked this story and I think the series has gotten better as it's gone along. I admit to not liking the first three that I read, for various reasons (Two Doms for Kara, His Driven Domme, and Her Country Master), but when I read Love Me, Master Me, the tide seemed to have turned and the writing seemed to have gotten better, become richer and better detailed. The only thing I didn't like about Her Wired Dom is the serious push and pull Will subjected Kat to. I understand he had his demons, but the result of those demons was pretty painful to read and for Kat to experience. Other than that, though, I really liked this one. Kat, especially, is a great character and helped give life to their particular story.

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