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Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2019
This up to date (5th Edition) and excellent survey book by Jay M. Feinman is a 'must read' for new readers about our legal system, such as pre-law, or law enforcement students, which could help them develop a solid understanding the basic framework of our American system of law and equity. I believe students would do well to combine this book with a good dictionary of legal terms or phrases, as such terms will inevitably arise in their readings that may well have previously had a narrower meaning for them, such as in a generic sense, but which could take on a greatly enhanced meaning given a more thorough and focused explication.

And, I think it could also be a a great survey book for lawyers, law enforcement personnel, historians, and perhaps even media commentators, or others, the focus of whose work relies on a broadly-based basic understanding of the American legal system. Of necessity, practicing lawyers tend to specialize in their work, and even assuming that most of them tend to try to keep up with new developments in the law that could impact their work, it couldn't hurt to read works like this which are focused reminders of the broader picture.
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