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Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2016
If you like good old fifties Science Fiction, with space voyages, valid science, BEMs with emphasis on the “Monster” part, friendly but not-necessarily, and not necessarily “perfect” sentient and humanoid aliens, this is for you. The Puppies would hate it, though: it has a woman writer who writes real women, including the protagonist, and the women don't do Damsel-in-Distress helpless. They get on with their jobs, very competently. It also, happily, doesn't do Feminist cant and rhetoric in the fiction. The people are real and complex, but people. A difference from the fifties is that the science is 21st Century, just barely in our future, for the Terran science and engineering, with some additional alien science going. Another difference, of course, is that it's in 21st C idiom.
Since this will be appearing under the second book (and Amazon does make it very clear that it is the second), I'd probably better say that it would be good for you to read the first book, “Fluency”, first. There is a helpful synopsis of the first included before the second starts, but it's a very fine book in itself, and worth the reading, and you get to know the characters and background better than is possible with a synopsis.
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