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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2019
Once I got the kit I immediately began using it. The kit itself comes with everything in the pictures, and is a great value on its own. I Swapped out the solder tip that came pre-installed for one that was a bit fatter, and over the course of my 2 days of use I used 2 of the several tips includes. Both worked fantastically.

The solder itself was rosin-core I think, so I had absolutely no trouble soldering with it, even without using the flux paste that the kit came with. Not the best solder I've used (because I used to work in manufacturing facilities with the stuff), but definitely some higher grade solder that is great for hobbyist stuff. Its much better than the other 3 solder kits I've purchased over the years, whose solder I've just had to throw out because it was that bad.

This is a great starter kit for anyone that wants to get into a hobby that requires soldering, or if you just need to upgrade your original cheap iron with something a little more robust, without breaking your bank.

Really, my only complaint after 2 days of use was that when I was finished with it, there was so much stuff in the kit that I found it hard to put back into the box neatly. Well, that and I had to solder with the temperature knob maxed out, but that was likely just because I was soldering 10 AWG wire and it wouldnt keep up otherwise, so I am not holding that against this kit. For the price, its unbeatable.
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