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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on June 25, 2019
it isn't easy to put onto the knife. The design is a giant clam clip and not a sheath per se. You can't slide it in at one end because of the pinching, if you try you run the risk of the knife popping out and slicing your hand open with the amount of pressure needed to slide it in. Inserting from the top is far safer but still dangerous as the clip is very tight and the "sheath" is very narrow so it easily wobbles as you apply pressure to insert the knife; you again can cut your hand while trying to keep it stable. I HIGHLY recommend using a tri-folded bar towel to hold on to the clip-sheath while inserting the knife at the tip. while using the tip like a hinge, lower the blade into the clip as you go down the slot. once inserted the knife is very secure. I recommend using a bar towel to remove the knife as well. I like the stability and how stiff the clip-sheath is, but I am honestly not kidding at how dangerous it is to sheath that knife. Needs better engineering to be safer
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