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Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2018
Not that the movie wasn't good. On the contrary, it was so adorable and had everything a movie should.
But just as always, the book is soooo much better!
Lara Jean is a 17 years old teenage girl who likes to live in her fantasy more than in real life. Her mom died due to an unfortunate event and was basically raised by her older sister. Since her sister, Margo moved to Scotland to attend university she became the "oldest Song girl" and suddenly she has so much more responsibilities than before that forces her to do thing she has never had to.
She is a normal girl with crushes and everything, the only difference is that she doesn't like to act out on it. She has a habit of writing love letters to kind of clear out her feelings, but never sends them. Somehow, the letters get sent and to save face, she makes a deal with a boy to help her save face in front of her crushes.

The storyline itself is worth the time and money, but the characters, the events and the writing style are what make this book one of the best books I've read this year.

The main characters are real. They are normal teenagers with normal problems I could relate to. They are not exaggerated at all, they are sweet, sometimes childish and has thoroughly planned personalities. I had no problem believing they are real human beings. Lara Jean is quirky and lovely and Peter is the hot and cool but sweet guy. They both have faults and that's why I loved them.

The Song sisters dynamics was interesting to watch. I also have a brother living in another country so I know what it feels like to be afraid of not being able to keep in touch with someone you love and look up to. It was pretty realistic.

So to sum up, I loved it from page one to the end, I think I might start the next book immediately :) Highly recommend it :)
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