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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2018
So happy I found the paperback, I purchased the Kindle version a year agi but it's so much better to have a copy in my hands. Let the healing begin. (Again.)
So here's what happened. I started the journey in gate one and from my experience it is extremely transformative. Things began to be revealed to me about myself which is truly amazing. I started in gate 0 and technically I'm still there. Not sure if this is ok but this is where I am.
Anyways, I was really slow to begin the process because there were items I needed to collect and additional time to find for myself. I have two small children and I'm building my business so finding the time and energy to do things is difficult however the time I did have I used. My sacred baths we're at night or anytime I could manage. I did things to work within my schedule because I needed the healing.
It's a challenge for time but whatever time I make for myself I'm always thinking, "I should have done this sooner." This healing book reminds me to care for myself when things get busy. It may take me longer to complete this, with my current responsibilities. So anyone out there wondering where the time is or you have small children and a career to manage, just do what you can when you can, it's ok.
I purchased the paperback to remind me to keep going. I started started gate one but I wasn't quite ready yet. I feel the need to continue in gate 0. Anyways so far this book has been really helpful and life changing for me even the little I have read. (I skim thru the chapters from time to time for information)
Also, I don't sense that staying in a gate too long is problematic but if anyone out there knows it's a hazard let me know.
Hopefully this helps someone.
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