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Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2019
DONT BOTHER WITH THIS GARBAGE ! book was not believable. dialog was corny. people don't talk like the text in this book. obvious the writer has no experience in real life in anything. wow- different types of weapons are stated, as are trucks , streets, geographical areas. so what ? the actions scenes were the same.. javin always out numbered, enemy can shoot 100 shots but never hit but the hero fires once and it hits. but it has wonderful references to coffee. with all the coffee they drink in this book its a wonder the rest of the book doesn't take place in the bathroom passing it all. lastly, the scenes of shoot outs where the 15 yr old boy is wounded, HE IS SHOT IN THE LEG WITH AK 47 ALSO HAS A BROKEN LEFT ARM, SURVIVES A CAR WRECK WHILE SUFFERING WITH THESE INJURIES, THEN MANAGES A CLIMB THROUGH TIGHT TUNNELS FOR HUNDREDS OF FEET TO FINALLY GET KILLED BUT DURING THIS TIME THE AUTHOR MANAGES TO BORE US WITH PITHY DIALOG BETWEEN THE KID AND THE HERO JAVIN. I REGRET MY MIND BEING SUBJECTED TO THIS JOKE OF A BOOK. JUST SAYIN......
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4.4 out of 5
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