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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018
I consider myself an A/V geek. I would only purchase the very best TVs, i.e my Samsung F8500 plasma, and the new LG and Sony OLEDs, but absolutely no rubbish LED TVs, not even the very good QLEDs. I know a projector will not come close to the picture of those TVs but what it lacks in IQ, it makes up for big time in size! You can't beat having a gigantic, immersive movie theater experience with the huge screen size. Anyway, before I got this 120" screen, I was projecting my Benq HT3050 on my wall. It is painted "Agreeable Gray" - Sherwin Williams. The picture was surprising very good before the screen and I had it set up for 130". Once I had the screen, I had it temporarily set up so that half of the projected image fell on the screen and half on the wall. Now, I could tell a difference, albeit slight. I'd say the screen was about 5% better? Not as big of a difference as I was hoping. I was hoping for a noticeable, remarkable difference but it was more like meh, it's a little better I guess. My wife and any other guests couldn't tell a difference at all, but their eyes are not trained like mine. Anyway, the quality of the frame, screen, etc is very good. Very high quality and durable. Installation was straightforward and easy if you are handy like I. I will expect it to last a long time. As far as screen performance, it fits it's entry level price, it didn't quite wow me but I also understand people spend 10x the $ on a screen to provide maybe 25% improved performance. I cannot afford a screen like that but was really hoping an entry level screen would give me a perceived 10% increase in performance.
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